Loyola alum and aspiring filmmaker Vincent Bolger tackling challenging subject in debut: Ever since he was young, movies have been an important part of Vincent Bolger’s life, mostly because they acted as a bond between him and his father. After graduating from Columbia College with a degree in Cinema Art and Science, Bolger (Class of 2011) is pursuing a career in the film industry. 

A Winnetka native and former hockey player for the Ramblers, Bolger is working on a documentary titled District X that spotlights Chicago police officers who suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Bolger’s dad, Kevin Bolger, is a former Chicago cop and now lawyer. 

“I’ve always played around with the idea of making movies,” Vincent said. “I remember every weekend going through the newspaper to find a movie for me and my dad. It was something special we shared.”

What started as a college assignment and later a mission after the death of Chicago police Cmdr. Paul Bauer, who was killed in the line of duty Feb. 13, 2018, Vincent is within reach of accomplishing his goal. Currently self-funded, he’s raising money through crowdsourcing in an effort to complete a short version to shop around to production companies. 

“There’s a growing negativity around police,” Vincent said. “I want to make something that looks at what they go through and the effects the job has on their minds.”

In addition to examining the psychological struggles police officers encounter, another purpose of District X is to “bridge the divide” between cops and the communities they serve and start of a conversation that results in a healthier relationship.

Vincent said his dad supports the project but cautioned him to treat his subjects with care. 

“He wants me to tell this story, but he doesn’t want anybody to be exploited,” Vincent said. “He wants me to do it the right way.”

Former Loyola football star Matthew Cherry making name for himself in Hollywood: After a brief career in the NFL, Matthew Cherry (Class of 1999) has turned himself into a versatile player in the entertainment industry. A writer and director of two independent films, he was an executive producer on BlacKkKlansman, a Spike Lee movie that was nominated for six Oscars, winning for Best Adapted Screenplay. Cherry was inducted in Loyola’s Hall of Fame in 2018.