It’s with a heavy heart that I announce Maroon & Gold is suspending operations for the foreseeable future. Credit cards will not be charged going forward, and the paywall has been disabled. Please enjoy the archived stories.

By no means was this an easy decision, and I agonized over it for weeks. I probably should have put M&G on pause this summer. Fueled by all of the support from Ramblers, past and present, I tried to give it another go. Simply put, I haven’t found a way to make M&G a financially sustainable business.

Launched in 2016, M&G quickly found a loyal and enthusiastic audience for which I am forever grateful. I’ve made so many special connections since its inception and often overwhelmed by the love. Nothing has gone unnoticed on my end.

I will continue to be involved in football for at least the rest of the season by writing previews for the school’s website, tweeting out news @LAMaroongold and recording the weekly Ramblin’ On podcast. Unfortunately, I can’t treat M&G as a full-time job anymore.

I owe so many people so much, including you, the readers. First, I want to thank my wife for her relentless advocacy of this endeavor. Without her, M&G never gets off the ground. Same goes for my parents and brother. My friends always were there for me, too.

Not sure what’s next for me. What I know is the Loyola athletics community always will hold a special place in my heart.