Watching her older brothers — Jack and Ben — play lacrosse sparked junior Maggie Gorman’s interest in the sport.

Same goes for sophomore Kelsey Koch.

In fact, five players on this year’s Loyola girls roster have brothers who play lacrosse or have played lacrosse at the school. Junior Lauryn Repp, sophomore Emily Seymour and freshman Ellie Lazzaretto are the others.

“I would go to [Loyola’s Munz Campus in Glenview] all the time with them, and it looked like a lot of fun,” Maggie said. “They inspired me to start and to take it seriously. They helped develop my game. I still cradle [the stick] like a boy.”

Gorman’s brothers both won state championships with the Ramblers. Jack (Class of 2015) played on the 2013 title team, while Ben (Class of 2016) contributed to the 2016 championship club. Maggie became a state champion last season.

Ben said he sees himself in Maggie.

“The girls’ game is not as physical, but she’s very aggressive, which she gets from me,” Ben said, laughing. “You can tell she has older brothers who influenced her style.”

Koch’s two older brothers — Kyle and Connor — shepherded her into the sport. Kyle (Class of 2017) was a four-year varsity player, three-time All-American and 2016 state champion at Loyola. Connor is a junior who played on the same title team as Kyle in addition to winning one this season.

Kelsey said it was a big deal to her when she made varsity as a freshman.

“Best day of my life,” she said. “I felt a little pressure because my brothers played varsity as freshmen. I remember where I was and what time it was when I found out. It was so cool. My brothers were excited for me, too.”

Repp’s brother Graham (Class of 2017) played on last year’s runner-up team. Seymour’s brother Ryan (Class of 2013) won state championships as a junior and senior, and Lazzaretto’s brother Luca is a senior and two-time All-American who was part of Loyola’s 2016 and 2018 state title teams.

“The programs are different and have different cultures, but the expectations are the same for both,” said Tom Gorman, the father of Jack, Ben and Maggie. “What I like is that the crossover support is really high for both programs.”

Loyola head coach John Dwyer said he enjoys a close relationship with Rob Snyder, head coach of the boys team, and that his program benefits from players who have brothers involved in lacrosse.

“Those girls don’t get banged around,” he said. “They give it as well as well as they take it.”

According to Kelsey, the household rivalry with her brothers is healthy. She joined them as a state champion last year.

“There’s always been a level a competitiveness, but it’s all good,” she said. “It makes it fun.”

Photo (from left to right): Emily Seymour, Ellie Lazzaretto, Lauryn Repp, Maggie Gorman, Kelsey Koch