Here are the Loyola student-athletes who either have signed a National Letter of Intent or have committed to play a sport in college. All are members of the Class of 2017, except Jack Hough.


Head coach: Nick Bridich

Drew Bartholow (outfielder) — Emory

Coach’s comment: Drew is an explosive athlete and has a great combination of speed and strength. He can really hit and uses his speed to his advantage in the outfield and on the base paths.

Jack Blindt (infielder) — St. Thomas

Coach’s comment: He loves to compete. He’s physically and mentally tough. He plays hard and with passion. His leadership skills ooze through him. Jack is someone people love to play with.

Ryan Lin-Peistrup (shortstop) — Illinois-Chicago

Coach’s comment: Ryan makes things look easy and effortless and has fluid athleticism. He loves to compete and has a lot of confidence in himself, both offensively and defensively. He has a knack for driving in runs and has all of the tools to be an outstanding shortstop at the next level.

Sean Tully (outfielder) — DePauw

Coach’s comment: Sean is a good athlete who is versatile and can play multiple positions in the outfield and infield. He has put together a lot of quality at bats as a senior this year and has not yet scratched the surface of his offensive potential. He has a great work ethic and attitude and loves to play and train.

Brian Vance (catcher) — St. Joseph

Coach’s comment: Brian absolutely loves being a baseball player and has tremendous attitude for leadership. He is a game-changing defensive catcher and has tremendous confidence in his abilities.


Head coach: Tom Livatino

Julian DeGuzman — Lawrence

Coach’s comment: Julian is a multi-dimensional player that can score inside and out, handle the ball, is an excellent passer and can make perimeter shots. As an undersized post, he dominated players five inches taller than him in the paint because of his great feel and offensive arsenal. Julian put in a lot of work to transform his body and was a physical force as a senior.

Ramar Evans — Wisconsin-Parkside

Coach’s comment: He’s a three-year starter and two-year captain who does everything on the court you want a player to do. He is a two-way player that can guard any position and already has a college body. His basketball IQ is tremendous, and he has a strong work ethic. His attention to academics and love of his teammates makes him a special package. He is ready for all of the challenges at the next level, and he will have a great career.

Matt Lynch — St. Norbert

Coach’s comment: Matt has very good size for a point guard and is a very competitive player who excels defensively. He has the ability to beat people off the dribble and score around the basket. He has the flexibility to play multiple positions. He has a high level of toughness and a great work ethic.


Head coach: Tim Kane

Giana D’Alioa — Gonzaga

Coach’s comment: N/A

Grace Berg — Franklin & Marshall

Coach’s comment: N/A

Margaret Taafe — Georgetown

Coach’s comment: N/A


Head coach: ChrisJon Simon

Margot Dooley — Alabama

Coach’s comment: She’s a middle distance runner who excels in the 800 meters. She’s only in her third year of running after playing soccer and is poised to have an outstanding senior year.


Head coach: Anne Nimz

Graysen Doran — Washington and Lee

Coach’s comment: N/A


Head coach: John Holecek

Jack Badovinac (offensive line) — Colgate

Coach’s comment: One of the nicest kids ever. Great leader and teammate, but he’s as nasty on the field as anyone I have coached. Strong, quick feet and rolls his hips well so he explodes into defenders. Awesome pull/trap blocker, and we might never see another like him. Truly special.

John Brekke (offensive line) — Holy Cross

Coach’s comment: Very nimble for a big man. Strong and smart. Secured the left side of the line with Badovinac over the last two years. Projects as a college guard, but his intelligence and athleticism will give him tools to play any O-line position. Holy Cross is getting a very versatile player.

Tommy Herion (quarterback) — Iowa

Coach’s comment: Accurate, quick release, strong arm, poised, smart and athletic. Has all of the tools of a great quarterback besides the overwhelming size. When he puts on muscle and matures physically, he should be a major find for the Hawkeyes. I will not be surprised if he starts there, even if it might take a couple of years.

Jack Hough (Class of 2016, defensive line) — Army

Coach’s comment: Jack almost graded out perfectly in his mental assignments as a senior. As disciplined and smart of a player you can have, just not the biggest. His post-graduate year allowed him to get bigger and more explosive. He showed his unbelievable toughness by playing hurt. No doubt he will be a perfect fit for the military academy because of his great character and discipline.

Mickey Kane (linebacker) — Butler

Coach’s comment: Very athletic rush end/outside linebacker. Extremely versatile because of athleticism. He can rush the passer or drop in coverage. He has a tremendous inside rush move and extremely productive even without stunts or blitzes. Double-digit sack guy if he ends up rushing, but he’s smart enough to know schemes and play well in any defensive system.

Patrick Kramer (kicker) — Denison

Coach’s comment: Extremely dedicated and has a professional approach to kicking. He’s gotten stronger physically, and he has a great mental approach. He should become a very high-end kicker because of his growth, both physically and mentally.

Jack Moran (receiver) — Indiana

Coach’s comment: Jack is someone who dedicated himself in the weight room and practice fields and realized the potential of his talents as he grew into his body senior year. His size, route running and hands will transfer nicely to the next level. Even in the Big Ten, he has a chance because his work ethic and belief in himself will add to his many talents and allow him to compete at the highest level.

Jake Marwede (tight end) — Duke

Coach’s comment: Exceptional everywhere. Giant, tough, fast, great hands, athletic. He was a major national recruit and one of the best all-around players ever to come out of Loyola. Ever.

Omar Mendez (defensive line) — Wisconsin-Whitewater

Coach’s comment: He is a big, athletic, competent D-lineman who did his job consistently. Not the flashiest player, but a real find for a Division III team because his athleticism and size are rare at that level. In a few years, he could be overpowering after he matures and hits the weights. When he fully develops, he should be a four-down lineman who can do it all for UW-Whitewater.

Graham Repp (linebacker) — University of Chicago

Coach’s comment: Graham is an extremely intelligent and savvy player who will diagnose plays as fast as anyone on the field. His mental toughness is matched by his physical toughness and natural aggression. As he did at Loyola, I would predict Graham to play early in his career at Chicago and be designated a team leader because of his integrity and high character.

Anthony Romano (linebacker) — Wisconsin-Whitewater

Coach’s comment: Tony is extremely physical and a downhill-type player. He’s bigger than most of their linebackers right now. He has a lot of experience. He can read offenses, linemen, backs. Whitewater has great football, and they win a lot, which I imagine is important to him after playing at Loyola.

Ian Swenson (cornerback) — Connecticut

Coach’s comment: A rare athlete that immediately impresses because of his size, speed and quickness. Played corner, but because of his length and range, Ian can play any defensive back position in college. My guess is he will move to safety after a college coach gets his hands on him.

David Terrell Jr (receiver) — Howard

Coach’s comment: Has every intangible skill a receiver could ask for. He has great hands, shakes, route running, body awareness. He just lacks in size for major college programs.


Head coach: Tim Kane

Reb Banas — Villanova

Coach’s comment: I remember a conversation with the Villanova coach early in the season when Reb was sort of in a valley. The coach asked me to tell him about Reb as a teammate. I thought it was the perfect question. Even when he wasn’t playing his best, Reb was nothing but positive. He was a leader. The Villanova coach said that’s what we are looking for.

Connor Prassas — Michigan

Coach’s comment: He was our best player all year long. He was a good communicator about his game and had good insights about the team, which made him a good team leader. He fought his way through a back issue to get us through regionals and sectionals to get us to the state tournament. His game was always solid.


Head coach: Heather Penn

Margaret Hickey — Creighton

Coach’s comment: She loves the game and is very dedicated. She’s an easy person to be around and supportive of others, which makes her a great teammate.


Head coach: Mike Glass

Valerie Caldwell — Vermont

Coach’s comment: Val has a great combination of size, strength and skill. She is what we call a rink rat, frequently skating and training multiple times in a single day. It’s tough to take the puck from her, and she knows how to use it. Her passion for the game, her great shot and a her scorer’s mentality is a winning combination.

Tess Dettling — Yale

Coach’s comment: My nickname for Tess is “Telsa” because she’s an electric player. Tess has great speed, can surprise you with quickness and has a great set of hands to go with it. She can hurt you a number of ways, scoring or drawing attention to herself and then dishing the puck at just the right time. Her speed and desire to win help her team on both sides of the puck.

Greta Skarzynski — Yale

Coach’s comment: Greta brings a sense of calm and order to the defensive side of the game. She can quarterback in the defensive zone or run a power play with great decision-making and skill. Her skating and puck-handling are smooth as silk, and she thinks the game a step ahead of her opponents. Strong on the puck, tough on defense, smart on offense, she makes everyone better with her skill set and quiet leadership.


Head coach: Rob Snyder

Billy Jardeleza — St. Joseph

Coach’s comment: N/A

Kyle Koch — Marquette

Coach’s comment: N/A


Head coach: John Dwyer

Grace Clarke — Butler (attacker/midfielder)

Coach’s comment: She’s tall and uses her size well. She has outstanding speed, is strong with the ball and her footwork is good. She does a good job of evading defenders and is a good finisher.

Mary Dooley — Marquette (attacker/midfielder)

Coach’s comment: Athletic, strong and finishes at the net. She’s a tough kid. It’s been a great run for the Dooleys, and it’s been a joy to overlap my kids with theirs.

Brennan Dwyer (pictured above) — Northwestern (midfielder)

Coach’s comment: A special talent. She scores a lot of goals, but she’s a team player. She knows when someone is open and is one of our best defenders.

Katie Enrietto — Notre Dame (midfielder)

Coach’s comment: A strong and physical player. Good defender. She’s worked so hard into making herself into a complete midfielder. She’s a perfect fit for Notre Dame.

Colleen Huffman — Yale (midfielder)

Coach’s comment: She tore an ACL after her sophomore year, and we thought it might ruin her chances to play in college. It didn’t. She came back stronger. She’s a girl who’s played for a long time and is one of our smarter players. She’s a lefty and has filled a role as someone who gives out a lot of assists. She’s well-deserving of a Division I spot.

Madison Kane — Marquette (midfielder)

Coach’s comment: She’s a classic midfielder, a consummate team player on both ends of the field. She’s made herself into a good player. She’s a righty, but she might be better being a lefty. Marquette will be a perfect situation for her.

Delaney Oliveira — American (goalie)

Coach’s comment: She plays with a lot of confidence. She knows our defense and is a good communicator, directing our kids where to go. She played important minutes for us last year and played a lot of playoff games. We are thrilled she’s back.

Brennan O’Malley — Villanova (defender)

Coach’s comment: The first thing that stands out is that she’s very athletic. She’s a good two-way player, but she really stood on defense, so we made that her focus last year. She’s the gel back there that keeps the unit together.

Caroline Witkowski — Michigan (midfielder)

Coach’s comment: She’s a gifted athlete, so fast and athletic. She can outrun people. She’s worked hard to become one of our best defenders, and her stick skills have improved so much.


Head coach: Bear Fisher

Sean Hickey (forward) — Denison

Coach’s comment: Sean has been an invaluable member of the Loyola soccer program. Voted captain by his peers for his junior and senior seasons, Sean’s enthusiasm and competitive drive helped the varsity team toward many successes, including a program-record 16 wins during his senior year. Sean’s left a positive mark on the program.


Head coach: Mike Hengelmann

Christopher Canning (diver) — Michigan

Coach’s comment: I can see him flourishing in college. He’s diligent and has a good work ethic. He will thrive at a first-class program like Michigan.

Nathaniel Guenther — Fordham

Coach’s comment: He developed into a great swimmer the last four years. He has a strong work ethic that will help him continue to develop in college. He’s very versatile, and he doesn’t have a weak event or stroke. His college coach will appreciate his flexibility as his event list expands.

Daniel McGowan — Fordham

Coach’s comment: He’s a good distance swimmer with great potential in college. He will have even more opportunities for those swims at Fordham.


Head coach: Mike Hengelmann

Olivia Andrew (swimmer) — UCLA

Coach’s comment: She’s very versatile. This was the first year she did the butterfly, and she ended up second at the state meet. She’s a good backstroker and can do the freestyle at any distance. But she had little chance to show off her flexibility in high school. She will be able to do that in college.

Ella Tierney (swimmer) — Texas

Coach’s comment: She’s going to be incredible there. She’s someone who has improved every year, dramatically. We went from celebrating her qualifying for the state meet as a freshman to seeing her win a state championship as a senior. Her work ethic will carry her far at a place like Texas.


Head coach: Dan Seeberg

Doyle Carroll — Loras

Coach’s comment: N/A

Joe Davies — St. Joseph

Coach’s comment: N/A

Ted Falkenhayn — University of Chicago

Coach’s comment: N/A

Paolo Tiongson — Marquette

Coach’s comment: N/A


Head coach: Joseph Haney

Andrew Gonzalez — Augustana

Coach’s comment: N/A

Photo credit: Melissa Krein/Loyola