Responsibilities of a Loyola captain extended beyond practices and games this season.

A lot of what they’ve done happened without any fanfare.

“I didn’t understand all that went into it, but it’s been good,” said senior Madison Kane, one of three captains on the Ramblers. “It’s been a learning experience for me in a positive way.”

Kane — along with seniors Kasidy Caldwell and Clare Nelson — have done much more than lead on the basketball court. The captains have managed a roster of 17 girls that has served Loyola since the start of the school year.

In the fall, the basketball team helped run the concession stand for freshman football home games, and the captains were in charge of coordinating the schedule.

Once basketball season started, the Ramblers were asked to assist with the numerous Sunday tournaments Loyola hosted for youth teams in the community. That included operating scoreboards and selling food and drinks. Once again, the captains organized the workforce.

Loyola head coach Jeremy Schoenecker said being a captain isn’t an easy undertaking, and it’s not for everybody. But he said Caldwell, Kane (pictured above) and Nelson were up to the task and did the job willing. According to Kane, all 17 players on the team have participated in the non-varsity activities.

“You have to be selfless to be a captain,” Schoenecker said. “It’s not just about the product on the floor. It’s also what you do off of it. We talk to them before the year about what it means to be a captain and a leader, and all three girls had what it takes. They have been fantastic.”

Kane said she’s enjoyed her time as a captain this season. Not only has it taught her how to interact with her teammates and  their personalities, she said she had fun working with the grade-school basketball teams because it brought back good memories.

During one youth tournament this season, Kane said she had a flashback to her days as a player for Queen of All Saints.

“I was there working one of my old school’s games, and I remembered when I was a young player and saw Anna Schueler at the game,” Kane said of the 2013 graduate and former Loyola basketball captain. “It was cool for me to see those older girls there. That’s why we give back now. We want those younger girls to have the same experiences we did.”

Photo credit: Melissa Krein/Loyola