Junior Erin Dillon is in her second season on varsity and first as a starter. The guard is one of the team’s best outside shooters. Dillon’s 16 3-pointers rank second on the Ramblers, and she’s fifth on the team in scoring at 4.7 points per game.

Maroon & Gold: Have you always been known as a shooter? Who taught you?

Erin Dillon: I’d say so. I’ve been doing it my whole life. We have a basketball court in our garage with a heater. It was built right after I was born. My dad [Mike Dillon] had me shooting every day, even on Christmas morning. He’s the one who taught me my form. It’s always been fun for me.

M&G: Was your dad a basketball player in high school?

ED: No, he played mostly football. But my brother [Notre Dame graduate Patrick Dillon] and sister [Trinity graduate Mary Dillon] both played in high school. My brother was a captain.

M&G: Who are your favorite shooters to watch?

ED: Kyle Korver, who now plays for the [Cleveland] Cavaliers. I liked him when he played for the Bulls. I also like [Bulls player] Doug McDermott. I like how they are mostly shooters, but they still have a game outside of shooting. That’s something I am trying to do.

M&G: You are working to develop a more all-around offensive game?

ED: Yes. I want to be able to take the ball to the basket more. I’d like to improve my dribbling. I’m always learning how to identify the footwork of a defender, to know which way to take them. Another thing I want to get better at are mid-range jumpers. Against Marist, they started to face-guard me, and I didn’t have anything I could do. I knew then I needed to have more offensive options for myself.

M&G: Is it better to make a 3-pointer at home or on the road?

ED: Home, for sure. I like that energy of the home fans. When they are cheering after you make a shot, you know the hard work is paying off. Although it was fun to score against Evanston on the road with our student section right there.

M&G: What were the biggest benefits of being on varsity as a sophomore?

ED: Definitely learning how to play defense from players like [2016 graduates] Maeve Stanton and Liz Satter. I worked a lot on my defense last season, and I believe that is a reason why I am starting this year.

M&G: Do you have any interests outside of basketball?

ED: I really enjoy CrossFit. I’ve been doing it for a year. It’s high intensity, and it’s really gotten me stronger and healthier. I’ve noticed I am a lot faster on the court this year, too. I have more endurance. It’s made me a better basketball player.

M&G: What kind of music do you like?

ED: I’m going to go old school and say Billy Joel and Elton John. I know that’s not a common answer, but it’s my dad’s influence. We were always signing those songs in the car.