Loyola senior Mickey Kane loves sacking the quarterback.

So much so that he’s disputed his season sack total with the Loyola coaches.

“I’ve told them some of my tackles for loss should be counted as sacks,” Kane laughed.

The 6-foot-2, 220-pound outside linebacker potentially added three more sacks to his résumé in Friday’s 51-8 win over Leo. One of those sacks, which he shared with senior defensive lineman Vito Cannizzaro, resulted in a safety.

“My strength is rushing the quarterback,” Kane said. “That’s where I specialize.”

While Kane is strong and has a quick first step, he said rushing the passer isn’t all natural ability. He credited his improved technique and film study with his sack success this season.

“I used to be raw, beating kids with my speed,” Kane said. “But my hands weren’t where they were supposed to be, and you can’t do that in [the Catholic Blue] going up against players bigger than you are. I’ve become better at noticing tendencies and different formations. I really have grown into my role this year. I learned a lot last year from guys like [2016 graduates] Cross Daffada and Frank Doherty.

But Kane doesn’t want to be known as a one-dimensional defender. He said he’s confident in pass coverage, too.

“I feel like I can go up against a tight end or a slot receiver and shut them down,” he said. “All linebackers need to be versatile.”

Photo credit: Geoff Scott