Before the season opener, here’s a first look at who will be playing offense for Loyola. Pictured above is senior running back Kyle Rock.


position coach: Tyler Vradenburg

Tommy Herion, sr., 6-1/183

Coach’s comment: Super athletic kid with a desire and a want to be successful. Transferred in a year ago and earned everyone’s respect by taking on the role of scout QB, even though he probably could have started at a lot of schools. He diligently prepared our defense every week. He worked tirelessly over the offseason to get stronger, faster and more in tune with our offense. He had a great summer and earned the job in a brutal battle with Quinn Boyle.

Quinn Boyle, jr., 6-0/175

Coach’s comment: A heady kid like all of his Our Lady of Perpetual Help predecessors. Loved and respected by all players and coaches. Got more reps last year than any backup we’ve ever had. He has developed into a big strong kid who pushed Tommy to his limits. He is more than a capable backup. He’s a player who could step in and do the job as well as any starter I’ve had. He will get his chance to show what he can do, and he will certainly thrive.


position coach: Ryan Gallagher

Kyle Rock, sr., 5-10/175

Coach’s comment: He has great vision. He’s not afraid to run between the tackles. He’s a tough kid for his size. He got playing experience last year, and he’s the only guy in the backfield with any varsity experience. That’s nice to have. He’s a good receiver out of the backfield. He’s a fighter.

Hamid Bullie, jr., 5-10/179

Coach’s comment: He has every chance to be as good as [2016 graduate] Dara [Laja]. He’s a smooth runner. His style is similar to Kyle’s, but he might have a little more shake. He’s also a good receiver out of the backfield. Both he and Kyle will help us in pass protection.


position coach: Pat Naughton

Jake Marwede, sr., 6-5/238, receiver/tight end

Coach’s comment: He’s improved his stances and starts from last summer. He’s getting off the ball faster. Being a big guy, he can’t have any wasted movement. He’s improved at catching the ball. He’s able to pull the ball away from a defender better, like someone getting a rebound. He’s understanding better body position and how to shield defenders from the catch. Jake is smarter, too. He can now go to a younger guy and teach. That’s our thing. I push my guys to do that.

David Terrell Jr., sr., 5-11/175, receiver

Coach’s comment: He probably had one of the best summers of all of the receivers. He made the most plays, even more than Jake. I’m really excited to see how people defend him. His explosion with the football is great. We want the ball in his hands. He’s a playmaker.

Jack Moran, sr., 6-2/190, receiver

Coach’s comment: He’s going to be that senior guy for us who people think came out of nowhere. He’s long and strong. He has big hands and can catch the ball on his back shoulder. He reacts to the football well. Blocking is a strength of his.

Jack Martinus, sr., 5-11/170, receiver

Coach’s comment: He’s an Ed McCaffrey-type player. He pushes the defense to cover him. He is an intelligent player. He knows how to move around defenders and find windows. His knowledge of the game is huge.

Alex King, jr., 6-2/235, tight end

Coach’s comment: Big and thick, but he can move and has great hands. Right now, he’s a great blocking tight end. He’s got to show us that he can move in space.

James Joyce, jr., 5-10/165, receiver

Coach’s comment: He’s similar to Martinus. He’s into the playbook and knows how to get it done. He will be in our rotation, someone you will see on the field.

Noah Jones, so., 6-2/180, receiver

Coach’s comment: He’s got speed and can run by anybody. He went against [starting cornerback] Ian Swenson all summer. He can track balls through the air really well. He’s still learning the intricacies of the game, but he’s competing. You will see him on the field, and he’s going to be our guy in the future.


position coach: Mike Kotowski

John Brekke, sr., 6-3/270, left tackle

Jack Badovinac, sr., 6-2/265, left guard

Paddy Kotowski, sr., 6-2/250, center

Callum Brien, sr., 6-4/255, right guard

Charlie Gross, jr., 6-5/265, right tackle

Coach’s comment: We are a combination of some size, quickness and power. They are all hard workers.

Photo credit: Melissa Krein/Loyola