Senior left guard Jack Badovinac is a two-year starter on the offensive line and a team captain. The 6-foot-2, 270-pound Colgate commit has helped the Loyola offense total 968 yards and average 8.4 yards per play in two wins.


Maroon & Gold: Your brother and 2016 graduate Sam Badovinac was a starting center for last year’s Class 8A state title team. What lessons did you learn from him?

Jack Badovinac: How to play with an edge, how to be mean and physical. He also taught me work ethic. He was always working hard and pushing me. We pushed each other.

M&G: Your cousins, Dan and Peter Badovinac, played for the Ramblers. Did they have any influence on your decision to enroll at Loyola?

JB: I would say they were a big factor. Peter [a quarterback] started as a sophomore, so we went to a lot of their games when he was there. Danny was a linebacker. They are the ones who introduced me and my brother to Loyola football. I really liked the atmosphere on games day, playing in the afternoon. It seemed like it was different from other schools. They were playing against Catholic schools with big football reputations. I wanted a school with good academics and a strong football program, so it was the right fit for me. Winning the state title last year was awesome. I’ve been very happy here.

M&G: An offensive lineman seems to be a different breed of football player, someone who quietly goes about his business. Would you agree?

JB: Yes. We are not used to hearing our name on the speaker after a play. But we don’t need that glory. It doesn’t matter to us. We do our job and are fine with that.

M&G: What’s the best part about being an offensive lineman?

JB: I like hitting someone on every play. It’s always fun to knock someone else around for a few hours.

M&G: You committed to Colgate, where 2015 graduate Owen Buscaglia is a receiver, as a junior. What sold you on the program?

JB: When I got the offer back in the spring, I didn’t know much about it. I took a visit soon after that, and I loved it. It’s a high academic school, and they won the Patriot League last year. I committed quickly because it was such a good fit for me. I mainly considered the academics, and the opportunities I will get coming out of school.

Photo credit: Geoff Scott