David Terrell Jr., a 5-foot-11, 175-pound senior receiver, had a breakout game in Loyola’s 36-7 win over Marquette in the season opener, catching four passes for 73 yards and scoring a team-best two touchdowns. As a junior, he had 30 catches for 315 yards and three TDs. The son of former Chicago Bears receiver David Terrell, Terrell Jr. is poised for a big season.


Maroon & Gold: What was it like growing up the son of an NFL player?

David Terrell Jr.: It was pretty cool. Everyone knew my dad played for the Bears, but I didn’t think much of it. At the time, I knew a lot of kids who had dads who played football. By the time I got to high school, I was used to people always asking me about it.

M&G: What advice has he given you throughout the years about playing football?

DT: He has always told me to just enjoy the game. He also has told me football is going to be over quick. You have to focus on what is after football. Focus on your education and doing the best you can with that. Football will only last so long.

M&G: How badly do you want to be an impact player this season?

DT: Very much. Last year, I was filling a role. This year, the coaches are expecting me to be a go-to guy. I am ready for that challenge. I saw how Thomas Smart and Robbie Sullivan handled that last season. I was able to learn from them. I put my mind to being that kind of player this season.

M&G: What things did you do in the offseason to make yourself a better player?

DT: Me and [senior quarterback] Tommy [Herion] texted each other all the time. We would throw the football together, go over plays, watch film. We both want to be the best so badly and are willing to do whatever work it takes. I think the coaches saw how dedicated we were, and it paid off in that first game.

M&G: Loyola seems to reload at receiver every season. What makes this group — which includes yourself, senior Jake Marwede, senior Jack Moran, senior Jack Martinus, junior Alex King, junior James Joyce and sophomore Noah Jones — special?

DT: Some of us have been together for four years, so we have good chemistry with one another. We all know what each other is thinking out there on the field. On my first touchdown catch, I took a wide route to the corner because I saw Jack [Martinus] run at the safety from the slot. It put us both in single coverage and gave Tommy choices. If you have great chemistry like we do, you can pick up on those things during a play.