Junior Quinn Boyle (No. 10 in picture above) is in his second varsity season as Loyola’s second-string quarterback. He’s playing behind senior Tommy Herion this year. Last season, the 6-foot, 175-pound Boyle backed up 2016 graduate Emmett Clifford.

Maroon & Gold: Loyola offensive coordinator Tyler Vradenburg repeatedly has said the competition between you and Tommy during the summer was extremely close. How did you take the news?

Quinn Boyle: Tommy and I are close friends, and we pushed each other constantly. I think the summer benefited both of us and brought out the best in both of us. But it was tough when I found out he got it. I was bummed that night, and the next practice was one of the hardest ones I’ve ever been to. I think everyone could tell. [Coach Ryan] Gallagher told me I had 24 hours to get over it. After that, I was right back into it and learned my role on the team.

M&G: Define your role on this team?

QB: I will do whatever is best for us, and I will do whatever I can do to better myself for the future. It’s about mental reps right now. You’re on your own island. You put yourself in those game-like situations, and you go through your read progressions. When my time comes, I will be ready. It’s hard being the backup for two years in a row, but it can only help me in the long run. I couldn’t have asked for two better quarterbacks to back up. It’s been a blessing.

M&G: You follow in big footsteps of recent Loyola quarterbacks who went to Our Lady of Perpetual Help in Glenview, players such as Peter Pujals, Jack Penn and Emmett Clifford. Did you look up to them growing up?

QB: I did. I’ve talked with Emmett and Jack, for sure. Peter was a role model, but I didn’t talked to him much because he was a few years older than me. I was in eighth grade when Jack was a senior, and I was at the state championship game [in 2013 against Naperville Central at Northern Illinois]. I was in awe of what he did that season. I thought it would be so cool to be in his shoes. Last year, I couldn’t have asked for a better deal. We usually were up by a good amount, so I got to play a lot. By the end of the regular season, I had taken more snaps than Emmett. It was funny, and he gave me a hard time about that.

M&G: As a two-year varsity veteran, are you comfortable when it’s your turn to go into a game?

QB: Definitely. I got my nerves out last year. Stepping onto field against Marquette [in Week 1], it was so different than last year. I was more relaxed, and I was more trusting. I think my teammates trusted me, too. [Vradenburg] is one of the best coaches I’ve ever had. He had full confidence in me, and he told me I had the trust of everybody around me.

M&G: What is your job on game days?

QB: All the quarterbacks are involved. We all are part of the game. I sometimes give [Vradenburg] suggestions, and I talk to Tommy when he comes off the field. I am expected to be watching. I have to be ready for anything to happen. We are all in this together.

Photo credit: Melissa Krein/Loyola