Senior receiver Jack Moran caught his first varsity touchdown pass in Saturday’s 35-3 win over St. Rita. In six games this season, the 6-foot-2, 190-pounder has 16 catches for 130 yards and one TD.

Maroon & Gold: You went to Sunset Ridge, a public school, in Northfield before going to high school. Why did you choose Loyola?

Jack Moran: A good family friend of ours went there. When I was little, we would go and watch the football games. Loyola was a powerhouse. I could have gone to New Trier and played football there, but Loyola was the big dog. I thought it would be a great experience.

M&G: Did you have any friends that went to Loyola with you?

JM: There were two other kids from my grade school who went to Loyola, but I wasn’t close to them. My friends went to New Trier. Football helped me meet people at Loyola. [Senior receiver] Jake Marwede and [senior defensive back] Ian Swenson were two I met early on. Both are great guys.

M&G: You have a good story about meeting Marwede for the first time. What is it?

JM: I was a quarterback before I got to Loyola. But I saw Jake at one of Loyola’s Sunday outings in the spring of my eighth grade year. He was a quarterback, too, and he was so tall (laughs). Part of the reason, I switched to receiver was because of that. It wasn’t the only reason, though. If you didn’t know, [senior linebacker] Anthony Romano played quarterback back then, too (laughs).

M&G: Loyola has been known for its receivers over the years. Who are some you have looked up to since your freshman season?

JM: [2015 graduate] Owen Buscaglia and [2016 graduate] Thomas Smart. Owen was a two-year starter who worked hard. Both he and Smart were humble. They let their actions speak louder than their voice.

M&G: Other than playing more, how is this season different for you?

JM: In the past, I always looked up to the older guys. Now, I am one of the older guys who has to set an example. The seniors are responsible for teaching the younger guys how everything goes.

Photo credit: Geoff Scott